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What are the best places in Amsterdam to organize a business event?

Amsterdam is a truly amazing city with several venues suitable for conducting business events.

Business event in Amsterdam

The city's strategic location is a big reason why multinational companies like to do business in Amsterdam, and there are many good things about living in the capital city of the Netherlands. For example, the city has a well-developed infrastructure, is close to the European market, and has a stable economy.

Any gathering would be a good fit for the city of Amsterdam, with many high-quality conference rooms available for you to use. Even hotels and restaurants that can be used for private events are out of this world. That is, it is an excellent place for businesses to organize events.

The exhibition and conference centre are also up-to-date and help people develop new ideas and technologies that are good for their businesses. These spaces are perfect for relieving the officials from the monotony of their office spaces.

Best places for holding business events in Amsterdam:

Saint Olof’s Chapel

Saint Olof is the oldest chapel in Amsterdam and was built in the fifteenth century. It is situated right in the middle of the city. It's a great place to go because it feels old and classic. Being one of the oldest Chapels in Amsterdam, it is a versatile venue. It is excellent for conferences, meetings, exhibitions, workshops, and much more because of its beautiful aesthetic architecture. Depending on how the event is set up, up to 280 people can attend your event.

Despite being a historical place, it has everything you need, like flip charts, chairs, music and sound equipment, etc. It has modern amenities, is perfect for all business events, and is wheelchair accessible.

Beurs van Berlage

Beurs van Berlage is a hotspot conference location with a historical background. The place has been a bustling trading place since 1903. It is now used as a beautiful and exclusive conference centre with the best facilities. The place includes a stage and a screen, so it's excellent for business and corporate events. It is a living, breathing piece of history with high quality and service. You can easily organize live or mixed corporate events for up to 200 people and have anywhere from 200 to 1300 people for dinner or lunch.

There are a lot of rooms that can be used for many different things. It has beautiful lighting and a nice layout, and it offers catering, hotel services, audio-visual support, and technology help.

Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ

The place is alive with a rich background. The building was constructed in 2005. The Danish designers 3XN created the structure primarily for the music events. Ample main space has smaller concert venues also used for conferences, talks, and exhibitions; the location is always buzzing with some activity.

The location is perfect for organizing events because it is only a ten-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station. Along with that, there are several meeting spaces of different dimensions that make the location perfect for every kind of event. For example, there is a large hall where the seats on the ground floor are not fixed. Hence, you can arrange them in various ways. Several foyer decks have ample natural light and wi-fi connectivity, making them ideal for events and conferences.

Capital C

The creative hub, Capital C, was once the centre of the diamond trade in the city. Its innovative architecture divides the space into event spaces, meeting rooms, and workspace, allowing working people to collaborate irrespective of their background.

Elegant business events can be held in this modern and innovative event space. It's a distinctive and distinguished location for events, whether they are conferences or company galas. On the other hand, the workspaces are designed as creative co-work spaces where people from all backgrounds come to work leisurely.

The High Light Event Space can accommodate up to 4200 guests. Another one of the event spaces is the 'High Brow Bar.' The lounge, with a space of 138 m2, offers an iconic view of Amsterdam. Each of your visitors will be able to find a friendly conversation partner because the room can accommodate up to 200 individuals. 'Above,' the conference room has a stage and can accommodate up to 65 people. The flexible wall dividing them allows for creating The Above & The Beyond, a larger area that can accommodate up to 130 people.


Amaze, the entertainment centre is one of the place's best tourist attractions. This fun and entertainment centre offers an immersive experience for visitors. The primary attraction of the site is its light and sound show. It is a genuine audio-visual playground offering an unforgettable experience. Seven rooms offer varied fun activities to re-establish one's connection to their inner self.

Along with presenting a fun, immersive experience, Amaze caters to several businesses and corporate. It has a massive 3000 square meter area with nine rooms filled with cutting-edge media technology. Technological possibilities at this place, with its state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, offer businesses a chance to innovate. A fully customizable, all-inclusive business experience is available at 'Amaze.'

KIT Royal Tropical Institute

The KIT Royal Tropical Institute is a private institution of knowledge, instruction, cross-cultural collaboration, and hospitality committed to sustainable development. The institution, established in 1910, is known most popularly as a 'colonial institution.' It expresses the colonial past as it was set up to study the tropics and advance trade and industry in the Dutch colonial possessions.

The institution is perfect for events ranging from formal dinners to informal events such as weddings. The institution offers diverse room options: Council Room, Marble Hall, Queen Maxima Hall, and Maurits Room. The hospitality department goes beyond just the events, and the institution includes an in-house café and Amsterdam Tropen Hotel.

Planetarium Amsterdam

The Planetarium is an excellent place to organize an event, conference, or meeting. Several features of the conference location are that it is situated in the lush surroundings of Amsterdam's Gaasperpark, has up to 200 parking places, and is easily accessible. The site has been used as a conference and meeting space since 1995. The Planetarium's facilities were transferred to Amsterdam's Artis Zoo.

There are 13 meeting rooms and a conference room with a theatre-style seating capacity for 250 people at the Planetarium. Along with these conference rooms, the conference centre hosts three restaurants. Hence, this place is perfect for hosting business events.


Finding the right venue for any specific event can take time. There are several layers to be considered when choosing an event venue. Some variables that need to be considered while selecting the perfect venue for an event are the organizers' budget, location, venue ambience, size, and capacity of the halls. Other secondary factors are wi-fi availability, parking, food, and beverage minimum. The right decision in choosing an appropriate venue will make the event organized and memorable for every person involved in the event.

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