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5 Apps Event Managers Should Use

Event planning and management require a lot of strenuous thinking and communication with the organizers as well as the attendees. Too much pressure can make you lose the morale to go about your duties effectively. In this era of advanced technological inventions and innovations, there are event management apps that simplify your work. They thus reduce the pressure involved and time taken in planning an event. This improves the quality of your service delivery and the smooth flow of events.

Here are some of the best event management Apps to consider using as an event manager.

Pocket Planner

This all-in-one event management App enables staff members to contribute to budget control and management of meetings. You only need to enter the number of attendees for your event and let it do the calculations. Everything you need from food to staff is automatically generated once you enter the attendee count. Pocket Planner App also enables streamlining of communication amongst stakeholders. You can keep in touch with attendees and create a better experience for everyone, including VIP treatment.

The App is linked to the Convention Industry Council website, so you can easily access the CIC manual for best event practices. As an event manager, you can choose to adopt the pre-set industry standard or use yours. You can also measure event ROI using Pocket Planner, which saves you time and spares you from the strain. Using the pocket planner to handle calculations gives you time to work on other areas of the event more perfectly. When handling several functions at the same time, you’ll only need to create an account for all your data for easy reference. The default event period for Pocket Planner is one hour, but you can now manage up to a 24-hour event.


Bizzabo is popular for no reason. It offers everything as far as event success is concerned, and has a user-friendly interface too. You can do anything with Bizzabo, as far as event management is concerned. You can design your event website, send emails, and manage your contacts too. You can use this App to engage, to get personalized information from the attendees, and to keep them updated. Driving event ROI was initially very difficult, but is now effortless with Bizzabo. You can measure and analyze event data for the optimization of user engagement.

Events are where people network and build both social and professional profiles. Bizzabo enables you to offer your attendees a unique networking opportunity. You can provide them with one-on-one messaging and even integration with social media. The customizable user experience that Bizzabo comes with makes it a top-rated event management App. It is designed for maximum adoption through live polling, and live community. It also enables event attendees to interact with partners and sponsors, thereby driving partner ROI.


Eventbrite is an event management App that every event manager should have to help with quick registration and ticketing. Using Eventbrite, you can create an online registration desk, which is mobile optimized and start selling tickets. It also comes with in-built tools for social sharing and event promotion, which can help you grow your event. You can also grow your event by tapping the Eventbrite ticket buyers, or selling your tickets on your site.

Eventbrite enables easy sales management as it allows you to access data on the event from any device, 24/7. Event managers using Eventbrite have an easy time sending invitations and tracking RSVPs. Since long queues demoralize attendees, using this App to scan tickets is a speedy way of conducting your check-in process. After the event, it also provides you with conclusive reports for assessing the event’s success. The fee is a bit higher than other event management Apps of its standard, but it’s effectiveness in better experience for ticketing is unmatched.


Cvent is one of the most popular online event management Apps. It is easy to use as it automates most of your event management tasks so you can do everything from one portal. It also enables marketing campaigns to help you increase your attendee count. This event management online software increases your success because of the 24/7 customer service and powerful reporting features.

Cvent handles everything right from venue sourcing at the start to post-event reporting. You can create an event website and have online registration and payment. Cvent also allows you to find a venue and do seating arrangement. Using Cvent, you can effectively foster the engagement of your attendees by sending custom content to capture useful information. Cvent makes contact management easier because of its built-in Address Book. Just like other first-class event management Apps, it enables you to measure event success through its on-point reporting features and survey provisions.

Super Planner

Super Planner is an award-winning event management App, best known for its powerful calculating system. It is one of the best event management Apps that you can use when running an event, even on a low budget. Super Planner is used deductively to find out how much you’ll need to allocate to each sector while staying on budget. It comes with special calculators for estimating the number of staff required, the event capacity of the venue, and size of dance floor among others.

This App puts in you a perfect position to successfully manage both professional and social events and meetings. Having a venue that is too crowded or having too little to drink is quite an embarrassment, which is why Super Planner exists. It helps event managers in food and beverage planning, event capacity management, and audiovisual setup. This gives all stakeholders a better experience during the event, compared to manual planning.

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