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Our core values

The below values summarize what we try to provide in terms of service to our clients. 


We are a service orientated agency. Providing the best services is therefore part of our core. We strive to constantly improve our level of service. We work together as a team and motivate each other to do so.

Yay: Analyzing what your client might encounter before it happens and act accordingly
Nay: Having a non-proactive approach, reasoning only from your cultural perspective, 


We want to be ahead of our competition and keep surprising our clients. By finding inspiration online, in other events, at trade shows, in tv shows we keep ahead of the curve. Feel free to share inspiration with your colleagues.

Yay: Keeping an eye on the industry for new trends and constantly be on the lookout for inspiration
Nay: Doing things in a standard way 


We want to limit the amount of stress and questions our client might have and make the journey with us as an agency smooth, fun and professional.

Yay: Make a contingency plan for things that can go wrong during an event. Communicate all deadlines ASAP. Ask about the client's satisfaction along the way. 
Nay: Have a awaiting approach.

Constant improvement

We want to be the best in the game. We fully rely on our team to do so. By keeping each other sharp and focusing on growth we will remain our status quo position in the market.

Yay: Keeping yourself and your team members sharp on where we can do better
Nay: Doing things in a certain way 'just because'


Our client is usually traveling abroad for the event with us. It is our job to make them feel at home and to be their trusted partner along the way.

Yay: Be consistent in your communication. Avoid sudden price increases, sudden unavailability of venues. Manage expectations in the best way possible. Make them feel at home. Have a look at the client's culture and learn a word or 2 in the client's language to increase trust.
Nay: Communicate prices with our margin on top that can easily be found online. 

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