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Team setup

General information + raci chart

General manager

General information 

Eventic's general manager is involved in most processes. 


  • Chooses which incoming events to take on

  • Chooses which Project Manager works on which event

  • Is responsible for client contracts

  • Is responsible for the outgoing budgets

  • Is responsible for onboarding and hiring new employees

  • Is responsible for the financial strategy of Eventic

AV/tech specialist

General information 

Eventic's AV/tech specialist is your go to person for everything technical within events.


  • Helping and advising the PM to implement the choosen AV/branding strategy

  • Choosing and installing AV equipment

  • Being the contact person for AV/tech suppliers on the event 

  • Updates the team on new AV/branding options

  • Being in contact with (branding) suppliers

Project manager

General information 

Our PM is the client's point of contact from start to finish.  


  • Sets up meetings with the team to give input on the first proposal

  • Takes the lead and guides/advises the client in what's best for the event

  • Makes sure the client is happy and taken care of at any stage

  • Distributes all tasks among the team 

  • Makes sure NDA's/contracts are being sent out and signed

  • Sends out budget updates and let's the GM check it

  • Stays up to date on new event concepts and updates the team accordingly

  • Being in contact with relevant suppliers


General information 

Our 'new kids on the block' aka interns are here to learn and support the team where they can. They start off with basic tasks and the more they proof themselves, the more responsibility they will get.

Responsibilities could consist of:

  • Making sure guests who come to the office are welcomed and taken care of

  • Picking up the phone

  • Assisting the team with event related tasks

  • Answering emails

  • Being hands-on and part of the team during events

  • Assisting with outbound sales

  • Helping to manage the social media pages of Eventic

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